subjectId Discipline Name Subject Name Coordinators Type Institute Content
115101004 Physics Electrodynamics Prof. Amol Dighe Web IIT Bombay
115101005 Physics Electromagnetic Theory Prof. D.K. Ghosh Video IIT Bombay
115101009 Physics Ideas and methods in condensed matter theory Dr. Kedar Damle Web IIT Bombay
115101010 Physics Quantum Mechanics I Prof. S.H. Patil Web IIT Bombay
115101011 Physics Special Theory of Relativity Prof. Shiva Prasad Video IIT Bombay
115101012 Physics Superconductivity Prof. P.P. Singh,Prof. A.V. Mahajan Web IIT Bombay
115102014 Physics Electronics Prof. D.C. Dube Video IIT Delhi
115102017 Physics Nuclear Science & Engineering Dr. Santanu Ghosh Web IIT Delhi
115102020 Physics Plasma Physics: Fundamentals and Applications Prof. V.K. Tripathi,Prof. Vijayshri Video IIT Delhi
115102022 Physics Quantum Electronics Prof. K. Thyagarajan Video IIT Delhi
115102023 Physics Quantum Mechanics and Applications Prof. Ajoy Ghatak Video IIT Delhi
115102025 Physics Fundamental concepts of semiconductors Dr. G. Vijaya Prakash Web IIT Delhi
115102026 Physics Semiconductor Optoelectronics Prof. M. R. Shenoy Video IIT Delhi
115103028 Physics Advanced Statistical Mechanics Dr. S.B. Santra Web IIT Guwahati
115103038 Physics Physics of Magnetic Recording and Recording Media Dr. A. Perumal,Prof. A. Srinivasan Web IIT Guwahati
115103039 Physics Spintronics: Physics and Technology Dr. A. Perumal Web IIT Guwahati
115104043 Physics Nuclear Physics: Fundamentals and Applications Prof. H.C. Verma Video IIT Kanpur
115106058 Physics Classical Field Theory Prof. Suresh Govindarajan Video IIT Madras
115106068 Physics Special Topics in Classical Mechanics Prof. P.C. Deshmukh Video IIT Madras
115105083 Physics Osillation and Wave Prof. S.P. Kastagir Prof. S. Bharadwaj Web IIT Kharagpur
115106086 Physics Selected Topics in Mathematical Physics Prof. V. Balakrishnan Video IIT Madras